Only 900 to go!

Hi everyone I reached my first 100 mile marker last Friday (3rd) of my ‘1000 City Miles’ goal for 2017 (the black lines on my map above marks out the areas I’ve covered so far). It felt great, in fact the last few runs have been really enjoyable. I still find the first couple of […]

Fun on the Run

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got new trainers – did you believe you could run faster? I did and am going to put it to the test tomorrow, now that my brand spanking new trainers are here! The fact that my old ones look so tatty is a good sign […]

The Rhythm of the Run

It doesn’t seem like just a week ago that I was doing an early morning run into Stockbridge to retrieve the car, after being out for a meal the previous night. It was absolutely chucking it down – I remember getting to the traffic lights at the Quality Street junction and, while waiting for my […]

Ease of Being

So, I’ve just completed my first week of my 1000 City Miles goal and managed to reach my target of 20 miles a week (Sunday – Saturday). I did this over 4 runs, which I’m hoping to get down to 3 a week, spreading the distances across the three days – need to increase my […]

Only 994 miles to go!

I’m what you call an off/on jogger – and for the last 6 months it’s been mostly off. I realised that when I have something to aim for, I can usually sustain a regular running routine. Last year, I trained for and then completed the Edinburgh half Marathon – which was great!  For the 3 […]


We went for a walk today to collect conkers (including the three conker-hogs above), a promise to Sophie after she saw the conkers her gran had brought back the other day. Me, Sophie, her wee brother Matthew and friend Lily (along with Eddy and Harvey, the dugs) went to D-Mains park, reputedly the site of […]